How I pack my bag: Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM


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hey everyone I Jerusha and you watching risk a TV we are back with how I pack my bag video these are getting difficult now because I guess once I rotate through all my bags it will basically be just on repeat or you already seen what getting difficult is that when I need to trade out I feel like I have to film it so I like no I can switch the bag out yet I want to show them when I switch it out and I not ready to film today because we going to do this or do this but that is gonna have to kind of come to an end honestly this video I don know what I trading it out to at this moment by the time I work that out I will obviously have a thumbnail and a title with what we training it out but what we trading out from is the armor p m in Damietta beam you saw me pack this and I have used it for the week it has been fantastic I have got some questions some emails so I just gonna cover them while we have the camera