Oh What a Beautiful Game - High Society Review


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there something special about these moments when I get to say this to you so let me just rejoice in it for a little minute hi society is really really good so let me tell you about it in high society you will be the creme de la creme the brûlée the liberal a you strap a sock full of cash and you have a big need to blow it in this game of twits being towards your objective is to have the best stuff such as a piece of art a boat or a sense of meaning in this wasteful existence one of those was a lie let talk about this game theme because the easiest thing would be to say this game is just numbers so does not have theme high society comes from dr Reiner Kaneesha a man often accused of themelis designs and occasionally referred to as the good doctor no not that one anyway he quit his job as an investment bank and then proceeded to design over 600 board games try to contemplate that number and of course he gleefully wears a bowtie no you tell me that this man does not have whimsy