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hello to everyone out there how you doing today hey I all geeked up because I getting ready to get my hair done you know I gonna take this off click on my nails did chuckles yeah it is lipedema awareness month as well as the awareness month for many of the illnesses like I know liver disease and suicide awareness month and this several other illnesses I can think of the restaurant right now but uh yeah I have to go put my little jewelry on and everything because uh like I said I getting ready to I sitting off in the car I can wait til I get to where I supposed to be going to get to eat my food was gonna be cold I have to go head on in get me something to eat like right now right now you know I had to go head on and grab me a lift I put it on my bellies move my car over no but I have me some southern classic that what I have let me go strawberry soda I gotta have my strawberry drink it good and whenever I go there I always get