Dual Xeon E5 2670 16 Core 32 Threads Full Benchmark Vs i7 5960X i7 6700K AMD FX 8350


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what up guys this is Sonia back with another video in today video what you guys really wanted to see so basically you guys wanted to see how module II 526 70 performs again any other system so guess what today I found a great post for you guys from tech spot and really really thanks to Steven Walton for his I post from April 4 2016 so basically he built a dual he 526 70 build and he compared his bill to built like a 59 60 X 115 60 X bill or in a couple other build and he did some benchmark so what basically why I want to show you today basically I going to take his benchmark from his website and I was just posted in my video so you guys could see and also I leave the tech post Stephen Walton post right under the video link in the description so you guys could read all about so yeah guys I was thinking about running all this benchmark but I don have all you know I don have different different build that I can compare my efi 2670 build up to so basically I just