Timber Wolf Assisted Opening Pocket Knife review


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hi there w Zilla here with another review this is a nice little knife I just got in the mail today from Kennesaw cutlery I put the link toward a nervous the Timberwolf assist opening it a nice little knife the little layer does not go by that I put that on there but opens nicely it a little too inch blade pretty sharp for a knife that only costs 699 um it got a little paw print on there the wolf howling at the moon on the back yet the clip the same wolves howling on the moon stainless steel China of course but it a nice sharp knife sister opening very nicely when I got it it was a little tight didn really open up well I had to adjust the torque screw on it but that was a piece of cake and for 699 you can go wrong it is a fairly nice a sharp knife right out of the box and to put an edge on it or anything so looking for a little pocket assist opening knife this is a nice one from kennesaw cutlery thank you