Rainbow "Broken Glass" Jello (read description before making)


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Thanks hi everyone this one called rainbow broken glass jello this is really easy to make I will put a link in the description box if you want to go check out the original idea what you going to need is six different flavors and colors of jello take each of the jello packets and put them into an individual plastic container this is a three ounce or 85 gram package it also called jelly depending on where you live then place one cup of boiling water into each container and you going to stir that around until the gelatin powder is completely dissolved now normally when you make jello you use two cups of boiling water this case we only using one cup because we want the jello to be extra firm so the little cubes we going to make will hold their shape so once everything is stirred up and dissolved place all the containers into the refrigerator and let them set completely once that done we need to unmold it I find the easiest way to do this is put the small container into a larger container of hot water let it sit for a few seconds