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dr Dale Henry is founder and president of your best unlimited his many experiences in the field of business and education make him a natural when it comes to lively presentations although a master when it comes to the use of humor and laughter Dale presentations always deliver an inspirational message packed with useful tools that promote leadership and self development these many gifts are blended together to produce one of America premier speakers and seminar leaders now listen left delight and learn as dr Dale Henry takes you for a stroll back to the future for a down home look at the six qualities that cause our leadership style to sizzle or fizzle good morning that beautiful couches in the back okay right good morning much better I like that thank you for letting me come today thank you for sharing your time with me because after all that the most valuable thing we own and I am so honored that you allowed me to come here and talk to you I a teacher and I could not even begin to talk to you today without telling you how that started I was about six years old and I