Johnny Gilbert from Stainless Diesel


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hello diesel fans and welcome to episode 7 of the official diesel power podcast today episode we have Johnny Gilbert from stainless diesel Johnny has been innovating new products and pushing this industry forward for years we excited to have him on the show and there a special treat for all the diesel power podcast fans out there stainless diesel is offering 100 off any order over six hundred and fifty bucks and it easy to cash in visit stainless diesel calm or Street diesel power calm and enter promo code podcast for instant rebates if you call just mention the podcast and get the savings right over the phone we definitely want to thank you Johnny for joining us today it it a pleasure to have you and chat with you about your your company and your products and and what you guys are doing in the diesel industry yeah thanks for the invite it a great great to meet here so tell us tell us a little bit how stainless diesel started we started about ten years ago actually kind of a side business for us my main business is basically a trucking business so we had semis