Doritos Dinamita Nacho Picoso & Chili Limon Review


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what going on Avram snack desk TV here you know their snack and drink your view so today I gonna be trying to new limited edition flavors of the doritos known as Dinah mente i think is heather pronounced two flavors here as you can see um i not sure exactly if i pronouncing everything right I horrible with pronunciation so I apologize in advance but pretty much what these are our just roll up 3 o and they both going to spicy flavors one flavor as you can see here is not show picasso i think i was pronounced and the other way is chili lime on which is just chili lime both in spicy if you have these in the states I believe as well as kind of a permanent thing and they called just dynamite I think they not actually called Dinah mente I could be wrong about that though I not really sure on you can only get them in these these formats unfortunately you can get them in like the really big bags you have to go down to the states I believe to do that but I going to be trying both these flavors