Bleach Chapter 649 Review "Sakuranosuke ❤ Ohana"


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yeah yeah alright so after I disemboweled and here the best part I dragged his kids out to the backyard and drain them in front of him it was a pretty wicked Friday night I owe oh fuck sorry I call you back um yeah welcome back to vampire teching reviews bleach there a car I just drove by I don know if you could have heard that but yeah it kind of a lackluster way to end out these Halloween reviews hey everybody vampire checking here to review bleach chapter number 649 titled the theater suicide scene 3 so chapter continues on where we left off we had shouldn we activating his bankai captain kyokotsu Colonel Matsu Shinju which is broken up into three different Dawn or acts you know to a player to a story the first actor dawn had the wounds being shared between lili and shooting squeeze so that shin SWE injuries that Lili caused him got reflected onto himself and then we had an illness one which caused Lili to begin like a rub ting blood you know bleeding from the eyes how these like black spotted lesions all over his body and then the