Heimana Reynolds Hawaii News Now live interview - 09/06/10


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we were trying we gonna check in with young man that damn robot a while this kid is great a monorail hey by the way okay he making a name for himself on his skateboard we get the latest on his escape to fame and just above it you watching sunrise hot capons take him back to her you with a really cool interview coming up now you might remember over the summer hamana Reynolds was featured on Disney XD next ex competition where young sports athletes are mentored by some pros and him on it was announced the winner of that show and then he got a chance to be showcased at the x games in los angeles he here to tell us more we met about a month back hey Mon I get to see it back got up early on your labor day holiday and I thought you were going to sleep in didn you now congratulations so when we talk to you before you were still in that X next steps competition well you won that right which is very cool and then that gave you a chance to be in the X Games which has