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I a gamer from the golden years of video games also known as the nineties branded my time was some earlier but this was the time where potential and evolution and storytelling in video and computer entertainment was just beginning yes the days before the internet Nintendo really started something special when Mario link and friends ran the show in the late 80s not long later a ton of companies would want to join in this up and coming industry and they would is either at the competition or third party developers these interests weren usually so much as to roll over it but instead use their tech to create worlds and adventures for us geeks nerds and consumers alike now at the time the only two major companies that were competing for greatness were well of course Nintendo and Sega and in the later years that would be followed up by a new competitor and it at this time where the retrospective is gonna actually begin and the franchise that we gonna cover is actually owned by Namco whom in later years with join forces with Bandai and then fuse together and become bampo or Nanda okay everybody is