My Least Favorite Mens Colognes


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hey guys Suzie here thanks for tuning in today today I doing a video that was requested not too long ago I did a my top 5 favorite colognes on a man video and a lot of you guys loved it there was a lot of people that gave me a lot of grief a lot of people that said that they didn agree with my selections and I really liked to hear people opinions I mean I like to hear you know if you have an opinion of something that I think smells really good or that I should tell my husband about so basically I did the video because my husband is really thinking to Fallone he loves clones I mean loves collecting clones he hasn been doing it for very long so his collection is still kind of growing but he does have quite a lot of designer fragrances and I did include five of those in my five favorite clones on a man that I like to smell on him and my husband said you know what you need to do a my five that I don like so I calling this my five least favorite