Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer (review)


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hi today I like to bring you a review for first impressions on Physicians Formula on a bronzer this is what the packaging looks like comes in this box and I just found good a few days ago I bought it online I heard some really good things about it and want to try it for the very first time this is it the bottle bronzer my physicians formula no thanks oh how cute it even comes with a sponge on the bottom here I gonna know that even a mirror here some you were here oh oh this is a nice surprise I wonder if I should use my Givenchy powder brush or this one no that slow this is probably just to you use some more contour on the sides nice of my face all right it a sponge which I will put right back winner in plus we just done here oh stop swirl some of the bronzer can take I gonna trip the mirror this is pretty much an over the face bronze look nothing too much I contouring the sex for my face but just to give me some color and it was mentioned that