EYES!!!! EVERYWHERE!!!!! (FGTEEV gets GURKEY w/ Chase, Shawn & Mike)


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Shawn we are gonna play it called uh my dad he can play with us today he getting beat up by granny yeah so he a little busy right now okay maybe we should close that door okay technical difficulties here pull back so we never played this before son Shawn yeah only shawn has but she so uh yeah let go right to the game so we need to find money money back collect and use I rooms to track monsters positions and avoid it oh okay so that what the eyes eyes so where are we right now Shawn I went in the living room the creepy living room all you got a money bag I think I hear the vampire I know me too you got two moneybags arrested other in the eyes no eyes okay good no track everywhere there wait what nothing wait Shawn would you do why you do that oh those ghosts in there yeah son can kiss him okay so let go in this door you ready oh I scared no girl what do I do open it okay eyes eyes eyes locai monster by using I rooms and hide from it