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hey everyone welcome back to my Channel today I have a haul for you it some back haul for you all to see ah I so stupid addict to do this hall because I don want to do do am a call for a while but i have no coming back store in a while so I haven even gone the math counter so today yesterday I went and today I filming the video um so like here the bag and just a normal black math bag okay so I just going to reach in here and I don want to seem like I bragging in this video I think that that much but I don want to seem like I bragging still I just really want to show you guys what I got cuz I love doing halls halls are so much fun videos I but um let just get started to show to reach my hand in hand hold out is this um nak bronzer and this is bronzing powder and this is from the truth of each collection and I been leaving bronzer for such a long time in my recent latest makeup tutorial I um didn