Power Hose Reel Installation


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welcome to Hana RV comm installation of a power hose reel these reels are available for water or electrical electrical cords with power operation and Jonathan is going to show us how it works basically what I did was my first thing I did was install the real as close to a logical position is possible in this particular coach here it was actually pretty close to the water pump which is where you need to attach a line to the pressure side of the water pot so in other words the the outlet side of the onboard water pump but that being said these reels don come with Chuck Mouse so installed apex 1 2 inch x shutoff valve for easy operation close the valve simply to use your water pump open the valve when you want to use your city water I installed a gravity fill water door they just took the gravity fill out lake house this allows me to use this reversible switch to feed the hose through when you in the park you can leave that open and close the main door they have the holes just hooked up here short to retract it like