BE Beverly Hills Inspired Shine & Repair Serum Review


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hi my name is Lindsay I just got off work I pretty frustrated with my hair and I have to go to dinner tonight so i was given inspired to try and see if i can get some good shine and volume out of it so i about to find out how it really works i just read the directions so the first thing I going to do is kind of just brush out my hair which is cool because I do that anyways get all those knocks out from the wind being and everything like that then I am supposed to do two pumps will be inspired rub it together I just going to put it through my mid shops and end let run really the driest so it sounds like a great idea to me and what kind of crazy as my hair is getting way John year as an alias I don want so dry and damaged and I actually pretty stoked on it okay so I was a little skeptical but I loving it I mean aren you love it I most like so when I came in today my hair was pretty dry damaged looking