UBox Gen3 Android IP TV - Uninstall Kodi or any apps


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hello everybody welcome to another video of Android code today we will show you how to uninstall your kodi using the settings or the Google Play Store now first I going to show you how to uninstall using the settings of the unblock you box gen3 all you have to do when you go to the main menu go to the bottom left the settings look at the bottom left settings enter settings and find apps in this view you can see all the apps that you have installed so just look down and press Cody and what you can do is use this one to uninstall your Kodi now right now my Cody brushin is 17 4 I can uninstall it you seen this way or we can go to the App Store go back to the main menu go to the Google Play Store and find and search Kodi I going to use my my keyboard and type in Cody there you select Cody and you can click this one uninstall now in this video I want to show it and install it the Kodi app to show it to you so it now uninstalling so that it