iMac Pro 2017 Unboxing and Showing


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I want to show you guys the new iMac Pro 2017 this morning I went to the Apple store and was the only computer available there and was the first computer that they were selling there that I a pro on that location I want to show you the specification you could see so far now we can proceed to open this wonderful I a pro time to open this beautiful one we remove the sticker on the wheel outside look how beautiful it is this is more heavier than the 2013 want version Inc with the box included these are new I a pro and now we can proceed to take it out from the box this is the power cable and then below section we have another box inside here maybe will be the keyboard or the mouse these are Mouse beautiful mouse great space with black on the other side this is our keyboard the color is black too and gray space finally they put the numerical numbers and the actual right side of it because before you have to buy separately if we compare to with the 2013 version we could see the Desai and most