Seventh Generation Disinfecting Wipes Review By SashaMoniqueTalks


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little ladies and gentlemen I have a very quick review that I going to show you and it a product I think I use one thing from your product line and this seventh generation disinfecting wipes so I believe if I had a coupon or something and I brought this and I said I was going to try it and see whether I really liked this product so it kills cold and flu viruses kills 99 99 of germs botanically and it has a lemongrass citrus set now I don know if you guys remember I tried another product with that lemongrass and I didn like it but I was willing to try this one and it says clean and disinfect on one easy step botanical disinfectant made from essential oils no rinse required even on food contact surfaces again that what it looks like I sure you guys have purchased us many many times and this attached to the other wipes in there you have to just fill it off now when I smell this this smells like some kind of weird medicine I don like that smell but what I did like other dams cleaned in my bathroom