HERO5 Session Review - DON'T BUY Sound Audio Issues Gopro


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Al Smith here I just upgraded my session to a session five you need to know a couple things before you go out and buy this camera I personally very disappointed in this camera for one reason that one major reason alone for me it may not work for you it may not disappoint you so I going to tell you my top four reasons to upgrade the to the GoPro 5 session and the top 4 reasons not to upgrade to the GoPro 5 here is my biggest complaint with the GoPro session 5 the audio quality in it is horrible whatever they did changed the way it deals with audio here a clip in my Jeep and you can hear the background noise is crazy and the exhaust note of my Jeep goes crazy I run it next to this one right after so you can hear the difference I go back and forth check these two clips out and listen to the background noise in these two clips they in the exact same mount nothing is different nothing has changed in my setup the exact two cameras in exactly the same situation listen to the audio this