Wiha Screwdrivers, SoftFinish review of Standard, Heavy Duty and Extra Heavy Duty Wiha Screwdrivers


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Hi I Kyle from KC Tool and I here with a closer look at Wiha SoftFinish screwdrivers I be talking about the features of the SoftFinish Series of screwdrivers and the differences between standard heavy duty and extra heavy duty These screwdrivers have an advanced technology dual material handle with a solid molded core and a soft outer cushion The blades are made of Wiha exclusive CVM tool steel hardened and hard chrome finished for extreme durability The tips are precision machined to exact tolerances for a perfect fit everytime The SoftFinish handle is one of Wiha most popular and you can get it with just about any tip including Hex Torx screwholding nutdrivers and more while the heavy duty and extra heavy duty are currently offered only in slotted phillips and nutdrivers The standard SoftFinish screwdrivers are extremely high quality and durable The heavy duty version simply adds a hex bolster you can use to apply additional torque The extra heavy duty version has the hex bolster and a solid metal cap The Wiha SoftFinish series is a remarkable improvement in handle design comfort and performance