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good gage operation turn slide on okay and the lower right gives your trips your hours and odometer and the clock to set the trip to zero you just hold the lower right button that sets it to zero to set the clock you hold the button then you go over to the left hand button and using the arrows you can select either 12 or 24 hour either way then you can change your numbers as Sol down arrow goes back up goes up and hit the set button again then you can change your minutes and then you back then that should be it for that button then the upper right you can move your clock up to there that shows zero Tim meter and our p m if you want to move your your rpm over and your mile per hour to the right you just hit the left upper button then mile per hour is on the right rpm is on the left now for the the lower left the coolant temperature volt intake air or nothing if you prefer to just have the bar showing and no numerical value you just hold the button and