Anime & Manga Haul (#3 in November 2015) Cowboy Bebop & Trinity Seven


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what up everyone this is Zed so bringing you guys a manga haul this week brightness should be a little bit different than usual it a bit more blue but first we have Cal boy Bebop I had been planning on picking this up for the longest time I just never got around to it because it was always trying to gouge at like 60 and I not saying with this animation out worth 60 I just saying 60 hours with a lot for me and especially for a series that I not going to watch again because I already seen it like two or three times and this series is so episodic that it one of those that I really just don want have to sit through again I not dissing it in any way this is probably the greatest English dub ever every single voice fit even minor characters so that one of the best things about Cowboy Bebop now the OST I really liked it but a lot of kids nowadays but I been trying to get into anime they do not like be music and cat lady bots which kind of threw me off I guess