Boston Gets Its First Food Hall | High Street Place | Alec Tarberry, Boston Realty Advisors


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here on real estate talk Boston joined by alak tarr berry director of a retail team over at Boston Realty Advisors out thanks for stopping by thank you for having me you guys are involved and created a really cool project down on High Street tell us a little bit more about this great destination restaurant area so this is called high street place and it an 18 000 square foot food hall this will be Boston first real food hall it in the heart of the financial district near South Station and we have what a really unique experience because we have 22 different food vendors selling every kind of category food you can imagine all in one setting with a liquor license for the whole property it open container and what this is is a destination for groups of people who want to go have a great meal have a glass of wine and everybody tastes can be everybody needs can be met you know changing world where there allergies and people you know that eat certain foods this kind of changes the way people go out to dinners you can go to one spot but eat at