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you watching garage TV that unexplainable passion for motoring hi guys it Manny Santa absolutely super excited today to bring you this review this is a 2012 dodge charger srt8 totally redesigned for 2012 you know this afford or family vehicle that what they want to say it obviously is a high performance board over here family but twelve point eight seconds it stops like on a dime got awesome Brembo brakes huge calipers and rotors just stops this card out they redesigned the whole front of the car a little bit obviously some of the key features you gonna find always on srt8 is that black grill that the way they did it hit it nice and big get a lot of air inside they put a functional scoop or head it really not a scoop it works in reverse order basically the hood is functional it sucks the air out of the inside of the engine compartment and out through here to create some downforce on a note look at this aggressive new front of this 2012 charters you see it coming down the road it looks angry it awesome looking but it looks angry it tells you