Nasi Goreng Indonesian fried Rice


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Joe protester Todd comes a bit of 2003 not 15 I got to chef select Asia which is a yep little label and it a nasi goreng Asian rice dish with chicken yep comes in this black cup container whatever ingredients make Venus rice vegetables and then the chicken meat okay nutrition protein 7 fat for good and I do it in a microwave they say it 600 3 to 4 minutes and you should also do it in a pan and he says you should put some holes into the soil here and you should remove let do it and all right yes this micro a little bit more power a single line a bath or something make it for 3 minutes we go all right clock is ticking dealing in there yep I think that stitch looks really hot and so on I can fall up to the studio all right let room for father you know your game yeah enosis also its approach food but this is like on them on including health not in the frozen food section okay let do it I think I go for them to meet pieces first and now summarize okay