2010 Man O War Valhalla Chardonnay reviewed by Nick Stock for NZ Wine Online


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g I Nick stock and welcome to nzd wine online and there a little bit of excitement going on here at the tasting table because we got the man award 2010 Valhalla Chardonnay and I hear from my colleagues in New Zealand it the mutts nuts which means I think that it meant to be pretty good nice golden color waiheke you can produce some really quite powerful flavors oh interesting no so quite complex solid Z dare I say quite a big onion style of wine quite complex a little bit of sulphide in a good way some lovely ripe and quite exotic fruit definitely that sort of melon and and and yellow stone fruits nekron but also moving into one most slightly tropical mango and and poor poor and those sorts of characters as well as it quite a bit going on here mmm really lovely wine I want to spit that out really amazing acidity mouth watering you can see it so really sort of punchy flavors on the palate but then richness fleshiness exotic ripe yellow peach again a bit of that sort of poor poor and those no more exotic fruits bitter melon but the