UnboXing & Comparison: TOMFORD Amber Absolute (2015 Limited Edition)


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because you are watching a master at work hi guys welcome to the loopy experience it is yours truly Lupe with an unboxing video for you today it of Tom Ford private blends collection amber absolute yes the holy grail instance fragrance the masterpiece the legend has returned and it returned in an exclusive and limited fashion so as you can see from the box which has Herod printed all over it I bought this from Harrods of London it is not my typical practice to shop in London because to be quite honest London has poor customer service I only have bad Tales and sorry stories to tell about London customer service I prefer to shop elsewhere but since this was exclusive to Harrods I had to shop with them how was the service it was it was ok it wasn anything that would make me want to shop with them again I say that but moving on to what we have at hand they sent a Harrods bag which I don know what I gonna do with that then we have some samples which are standard of some sort thanks very much for that we had a travel