Give Feedback with Situation-Behavior-Impact (SBI)


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leaders need feedback to become stronger leaders but they don often get the feedback they need nor do they give the feedback others need to improve their skills everyone in the workplace is different and we experience the behavior of our co workers in different ways sometimes another person actions can affect us in a way that makes it harder to work well together in these situations we often don let our colleagues know about their impact on us conversely sometimes a co workers actions are very helpful or motivating but we don take the time to communicate specifically what he or she did that made the work go well giving feedback can be tricky that why we often shy away from it but a method called situation behavior impact or SBI for short can help you gather and give specific constructive feedback to strengthen effectiveness in your work with others first it important to understand what feedback is feedback is different from criticism or praise feedback is about observation it is timely and specific it describes but does not judge SBI helps you deliver and receive feedback in a specific way here how to give feedback according to the