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thought this day would never come I need proof that my little sister almost beat me to graduation any words of wisdom for us on this auspicious occasion God has a purpose for all it was our time the whole world was ahead of us did you getting married I am so all will be as happy something what are you writing this day not I mostly making sandwiches everybody off on their own adventure who are you you left behind Ollie and I have been offered positions with embrace a village it an organization that serves leprosy colonies in India after India changing it for good and I got a beeper it was an accident and it come out in front of the car no two tractors for this gorgeous path finding tower whole thing tonight just trying to wrap my mind around hey it was a lesson of all this try to do something good in the world and you get cut down God took her and I not ready to think that it was for no reason most important question is who is God asking me to be a lay said that I was a voice to