How to Change a Light Bulb


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Hi Replacing the light bulb is one of the simple things to do The first thing you need to do is to remove the broken bulb psssst AHHH F Beep First you have to make sure that the bulb is not too hot now that it not hot we can unscrew it Pop oh hmmm sighs Sometimes when you use the lamp for a long period of time and it goes through a lot of temperature cycles and the screw part is rusted when you try to unscrew it from the fixture The screw part can break off the glass part and get stuck in the fixture Just make sure you don cut your fingers and take the screw part out Hollow pop Beep Beep Ahgh my finger good thing the breaker opened Beep Something fell don just shove your finger in an electrical socket or fixture always make sure it powered down or unplug and even then always use a tool not your finger Okay now that it is unplugged Let use our plier and take this screw part out Come on now Come on Piece of s Beep Beep Okay it time to select a proper light bulb