Fashion Styles : How to Dress Hawaiian Style


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okay there again it your girl PW giving you the know how on the fashion how to and today I going to teach you all about how to rock Hawaiian style now when you think of wine or automatically you think those terrible floral shirts I know but it way more than wider than that there are beautiful mountains there are great plains there there are beautiful waterfalls and it so many ways that you can just kind of you know get yourself into that island vibe look at my earring look at my necklace look at the colors it all about being bright it all about popping like the beautiful flowers that are all across the country of the great state of Hawaii so let me show you how to make Hawaiian your style you don also you don always have to do a floral way a lot of Hawaii is about the psychedelic prints that you see and you can really update them I just bought this Rachel Roy piece and it totally updated it very flowy the thing about Hawaii is people wear a lot of clothes that flow because it very very humid so what you