Roland Blues Cube Artist with a Fender Telecaster


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Wow how do mr Shane McGee to check out the rolling blues cube ops amplifier I had so many requests to do this over the years so I want to thank will the music in East Brighton for allow me to demo this absolutely appreciate it got loads of great amplifiers and square I picked up my super reverb from so if you want to find out more about them or just amplifier all the links through their website will be in the description below let go playing my Fender Telecaster loaded with Joe Budden pickups into the clean channel of the amp and we on 45 watt mode and the volume of the clean channels cranked so let give this a shot all right with the overdrive prolong rich pickup Maxon off awesome it could also be called the country cube yeah over to the dirty channel now Nick pick up Oh yeah man awesome with the boost on the crunch channel on turn down over to jewel tone now which is both channels together it gets a lot rounder and full of sounding so I just going to turn down the bass control ah thanks for watching my