Spring Pink Dress


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hello youtube its me Marida and I just bringing you this little spring pink dress that i got from marshalls and I pairing it with this with a black cardigan that I got from the target it has really pretty detailing around the neckline which you really can see in this lighting but um I trying to show it you can kind of see it a little bit but it a really pretty sweater to pair with this dress and I also added a little accent of zebra print a zebra print belt that i got from Claire um actually has like a little diamonds on the little buckle part but I didn get close enough free to see it really pretty so just it a really simple pretty look for the spring the spring time rush getting a little chilly but there still a little chilly but it getting a little warmer I also paired it added on a little over the shoulder coach purse that I have that person mainly fabric with a little bit of leather accents on it goes really cute with it for like a casual more casual look if you like you know going