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so today I wanted to share with you a product I recently discovered and been loving ever since so before we get into the video i do want to give you guys a quick disclaimer as with any review i not being paid sponsored in any way shape or form if I ever was in the event that I did your review and did not mention it it would be in the description box down below all some of your reviews no matter which way the pendulum swings they always gonna be honest always gonna be a hunter sent truthful and that just kind of the way I roll so the product I been you know obsessing over these last two weeks is this little guy right here it is not the beauty bunch of girls least it not the authentic beauty blunder I been hearing great things from girls guys people all over talking about this sponge now when I think about this I think a DVD founder yes and that like 30 freaking Dollaz ain go in there there a million or 1 things I rather by four thirty dollars versus a damn sponge like I said for