StormWolf Helocopter Review


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what up guys RC to the max here today we doing a brand new review over these storm wolf XP this helicopter is very very small but it has a really really good stability and it very very structured well so that means you can crash bash won break I blended it on my ceiling fan going around yes and still didn break when it hit yes okay so let just get straight into it okay so that istanbul XP is very very good for amateurs I would not buy a cell doctor if you are just like a high tech you know oh you know to me this is an amateur helicopter and this helicopter is very very durable and as you can see on the remote here has all six has four different sequence channels so go this way go that way usually this have design wise in sideways this one you can go backwards forwards side side side side and up so yeah that about it for the remote and to turn on all you gonna do press this little button shift starting up and also as a portable charger it just very very useful and has