[Review] 2018 Mac Mini Accessories: Affordable and awesome microphone


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hello everyone welcome back to the mishmash channel recently I unboxed the blue snowball ice microphone today I gonna do review and tell you why this microphone is really awesome in particular for your 2018 Mac Mini because Mac minis don come with a built in microphone firstly I like to say that I actually happy that the Mac Mini doesn come with a built in microphone nor video I like my privacy very much and without having the ability to record audio or video it actually helps my paranoia in the sense that I know that nothing can be spying on me audio ly or visually now let get to the review first I want to say when I plugged this microphone into the 2018 Mac Mini it just worked immediately when I plug this into my Windows 10 machine however it didn work right away I had to unplug it we plug it a couple of times go into settings play with audio voice our voice recorder rather make sure I record you know without the microphone plugged in then with it plugged in back and forth a couple of times for it to work so I wouldn