The 7th Generation AMD A-Series APUs Revealed


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Music Music least autonomies 20 Madison senior vice president and the general manager of computing and Bronx boy indeed Music Music you see in the bolder place in our lives it it an incredible device for many many people across the world think about it it amazing how much time you spend in reducing experience as Roger mentioned before is about if you look at their pcs it about 20 to 30 hours per week and then translates into a conservative estimate it is 10 trillion seconds per day spend on the PC experience that an amazing amount of time and for a technology company like a and being focused on either making a statement that really that our inspiration that the passion that drives us we want every one of those 10 trillion seconds to count you want all of those seconds to be immersive and productive in an efficient and that really what drives our army that the brightest I so proud to talk about today is our latest milestone innovation you know if you look back over the last five years we introduced six generations of humanization in the mobile processor segment starting from our first date