CROSSY ROAD DISNEY & EASTER Update! | NEW Mickey Mouse Chicken & Spring Hare Bunny Character 2016


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cheerio YouTube almost confirm its turn and the brand new cross the road update is out now on iOS adding one new character so this is the Mickey Mouse costume chicken and Disney cross we were exclusive large figure in I not sure why this character was added now maybe there is one new Disney moving up coming maybe you can tell me in the comments the 2016 and Chinese New Year update is still not out on iOS Android version just got this update too and it also added one new Easter character called the spring Music Music Applause Music so English has more characters than the iOS version now 160 characters in Android and 155 here on the iOS version and let go for a gameplay review so this is a chicken who bears the Mickey Mouse costume and this word really looks like the normal cross rebirth so nothing special here so this is rather disappointing I would have guessed that there might be some Disney specials like I don know Simba Mowgli and so on but be sure to get this chicken it currently free for a limited time so if you like this video be