Ipad App Review - Edit Google Docs From Your iPad, iPhone, ipod Touch And Droid Mobile Device!


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hey everybody it paul with have you seen this app calm and I have some great news because today Google made their Google Docs editable on mobile devices and I been waiting for this for a long time you know yesterday Google came out with google voice which was awesome and now today you can actually edit your google docs from your iPhone your ipod touch or your iPad it really cool and a lot of people have been waiting for this so I very excited let show you how it works I going to actually do a double recording and then bring them into 1 i going to show you the ipad screen right here as well as the computer screen so starting on the computer screen i actually going to create a new document and we will create just a standard document i going to type something okay so we have a new document i just going to go ahead and save that real quick so that saved now going over to the ipad and what we going to do is refresh the page and what you want to do is from your mobile device whether it your