PPEI Shift On The Fly DSP5 Switch Install: Chevy Duramax LML


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today we doing a DSP 5 switch install on our 2014 Chevrolet LML now this is a PPE I switch installation and I mention that because certain tuners may use different pin out locations when it comes to where the actual switch pens go so I want to make sure that we clarify that this is the PPE I switch PPE I tuning that we using for this now this DSP 5 switch for the L MLS from PPE I can be used for the EZ link application and their auto Calif occations as well so let go ahead and get started with our installation now the first step in our installation of our DSP 5 switch is to route the cable through the firewall now you gonna want the pin out in to go through first obviously what I do with these before I put them through the firewall I will tape the conduit onto the wire if you got conduit and I will use a piece of number 9 brace wire or what we call their farming terms but coat hanger whatever cut it 12 inches long I will electrical tape all that to it and make it