9V AC Adaptor/Charger/Power Supply for Vtech Innotab/Mobigo/Storio for sale on ebay


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like just a quick video to show you the importance of getting the right AC adapter for your VTEC system the mobi go the inner tab the story o of challenger laptops all the VTEC systems for the children use a nine volt AC adapter the one that we sell is unique the end connector is not ten millimeters like they normally come ours is 12 millimeters might be hard to see but trusters it 12 millimeters in length therefore when you push it into the hole of the VTEC system you see that that part there that only when it making the connection in and we can actually turn it upside down and dangle it it will not fall out it has made a solid connection at the VTEC systems need it comes brand new and once I untie the cable tidy and extend the 1 5 meter cable plug it in turn it up by the unbuttoned here and you have power you see lots and lots of charges AC adapters for the interview check systems on eBay a lot cheaper than my price the day will not make the correct connection as explained very tight fit as