Low Carb Myths - Stop Obsessing Over Insulin


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Music hey guys back with another video log for you and today I want to discuss low carbohydrate diets versus your kind of regular diets or non low carbohydrate diet as it were right now low carbohydrate high fat diet seems to be the flavor of the week in terms of being the cure from everything from obesity diabetes HIV cancer inflammation whatever element you have people seem to think it can cure it and we going to discuss this a little bit but I want to say it right up front I think that everything is tools in a toolbox okay so certain tools work better for certain people some people really enjoy eating lower carbohydrate and that fine but as we going to discuss it really not magic and a lot of my clients have been asking me about this for body composition one of the things I want you to understand is that most diets the majority of the benefits of different diets are elucidated not because those diets themselves are somehow magic but because those diets are able to induce fat loss and that fat loss that weight loss produces beneficial changes in metabolism okay so