7 Backpack Brands You Need To Check Out | Men’s BTS Fashion Inspiration


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what up guys my name is Marcel Flores and you watching my youtube channel one dapper street where i talk about men fashion and men lifestyle on a weekly basis today video is kind of a part two to the BTS the back to school video that I uploaded a little while ago like the sea sure for example if you like this t shirt or anything else that you see on the rack right here make sure to check that video right here and take a look at the ten essentials that I would recommend you guys get before you head back to school but today we gonna focus on one of those a little bit more and that is backpacks like this one this one this one this one this one this one or this one I got seven brands for you guys that pop into my head when I think backpack now two of them are gonna be in the designer price range which I know might not be the most reasonable for a high school student or a college student but I want to mention them for one out of aspirational purposes you like am I