Leveraging Contests for Leads & Influence on Facebook


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so you guys like totally sick about hearing about contest yet or or what it been quite a few so well thanks for the intro very generous so as many ways you can run contests and hopefully I can give you some ideas and in ways you can do it in your own business for the use our app or not it up to you but of course i love to see on our app so first of all let just talk about why contest i sure it been drilled into your head now over the last 48 hours but it essentially just a really powerful way to get leads and likes and i say that specifically because not every contest focuses on leads and so we talk about that in a minute because i think that a common misconception on why you run a contest it turns users into brand ambassadors because it actually gives them a reason to go out and tell their friends about why they love you it gives them a you know remembrance of why your service is awesome why your product is awesome and if you do your prize correctly it turns them all