Horizon: Zero Dawn Parental Review


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Music hey parents carmine here with your video review of horizon zero dawn horizon zero dawn is my favorite game so far this year it going to be really tough for anything else to compete with this in it you play as a Lloyd a young woman who is considered an outcast in our society because she an orphan the world is a strange combination of primitive weapons hunter gatherer societies and simple city states but with remnant of modern and near future technology and littered with robotic animals and dinosaurs it an incredible sight you start in a land with relatively peaceful robots with recognizable shapes there a robotic horse there a robotic deer and so on and so forth but by the end of the game you fighting behemoths and storm birds and giant t rex like robots with rockets and lasers there is very little on the way of mature content violence is the most prominent factor but that not really saying much for the most part the player will hunt and kill robots this involves using very primitive weapons the chip and tear away at metal armor until the beasts eventually comes down the creature start