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Music MC n will be grabbing a full first ride on Yamaha rather foxy new move limited edition XS are 900 caf z9 racer today with an identical chassis setup as the hugely popular standard XS our 900 street bike Yamaha claims the new caf z9 racer comes with the same agility stability and feedback chops as the base model which itself featured much improved suspension performance over the original MTO 9 the new 900 also uses exactly the same 847 CC 115 bhp traction controlled inline triple as the standard XS r which should mean spot on fueling and a gloriously loopy power delivery that makes you grin every time you hit the loud button but what sets the limited edition XS r 900 apart from the standard model is it the first Yamaha built in conjunction with high performance sports car tuners Abarth who also sponsor Yamahas motive team the collaboration plucks a few choice items from Yamaha success our accessories catalog and mixes them with some lightweight bespoke parts these include you 202 two distinctive caf z9 racing carbon fiber front nose cone you 202 to you 201 eight swallow CAF z 9 racer clip ons for