Apple MacBook Pro Early 2011 Full Review


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hi everyone this is david from geek annoyed and this is my full review of the 15 inch MacBook Pro early 2011 model now this isn the product in my hand here but I mentioned these Roseau lights in a previous video and I wanted to just let you know that I going to be using one of this or warm color filters on this front light I don get to see a lot of the high um normally as white as this t shirt because I see inside the studio for most of the year but hopefully this add a little bit of color to my face I going to set it off just to the right hand side so I wanted to just let you know about that before I started recording you can see I just switched it on there so I just going to set this off to the right hand side and hopefully that had just introduced a little bit color to the to the face let me know what you think anyway on with the review this is my 15 inch MacBook Pro now there are three models of the MacBook Pro available there